Blue Jackets #CBJ , what’s the problem?

I hate that I have to write basically the same thing I had to write last year. I suspect, we will get another apology letter from Rick Nash and the whole team like we did last year (or something similar) if the next 16 games look like the past 6.

I’m sorry Blue Jackets, I don’t want an apology.

I want you to play hard, try your best, go out there for every game and play like it counts. Even if you freaking lose! I don’t care if you lose. Just play like you care! I’m not interested in hearing rumors that some games are more important than others, or that you’re slacking off in the last period of the game.

No. That’s not a team that belongs in the playoffs. That’s a team I don’t even want to support. Right now, every game counts. 

You wanna be in the playoffs you play EVERY game like it’s your last, your first, the one that counts. You wanna be in the hearts of every single one of your fans who shell out money to come see you? You fight tooth and nail to figure out what the problem is and you fix it. 

And if you slip out of any chance to be in the playoffs this year? The games left still count. They count to me, they should count to your fans and you. I see a lot of people saying that we wont have another game that matters again until October. I refuse to think like that. Every game matter, every second matters. 

Give me one reason okay for you blow a two-goal advantage and then LOSE in overtime, on home ice, against a team you (and all the followers on twitter) HATE. Hint: It’s not. It’s not even the loss that bothers me, it’s the loss of momentum. 

Scott Arniel said it best: 

"For about 33 minutes we did everything we wanted to do, we played hard, created chances, had some opportunities and scored some goals. For the remaining 27 minutes we stopped playing. We made lots of mistakes. We got careless and got away from what we were doing right in the first half of the game."

I’ve been watching silently, keeping my blogging thoughts to myself this whole year to see if you’d fall on your faces like you did last year. I wanted to grow as a hockey fan and not just be a doe-eyed naive child. Holy cow did you ever put me on the fast track to that!

I don’t care if other people or other fans are saying the team/franchise sucks and they have given up hope. I haven’t and I wont. I never will. You’re my team, I love you and I will always believe in you. 

But believe in yourselves too. I love you Blue Jackets. 

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