An Open Letter To The Blue Jackets: #CBJ The team, the coaches and Scott Howson. “What is going on?”

I haven’t been a fan of hockey for very long. I can’t memorize stats, I don’t have season tickets and I can’t tell you when which player was picked up and where they came from; But I know one thing. I love hockey. It brought me great friends. Without them the past year would have been hell on earth for me. These friends are all Blue Jackets fans and they welcomed me into their lives last year, my first year ever watching hockey. They showed me how amazing hockey can be, and so did you.. for a while.

Since I became a Blue Jackets fan I’ve had so many other people ask me "Why the Jackets, why support a losing team? If they don’t get to the Stanley Cup in the next three years you won’t even have a hockey team to support. Switch now, before you get your heart broken."

I’ll tell you why. I believe in the things I love. I support the things I love. Even though it breaks my heart every time I’m disappointed, you can bet I’m the one screaming at the top of my lungs at the TV while everyone else in my house is watching football in the other room. I didn’t just pick you guys because you’re the closest team to me. You were my first team. My first time ever watching hockey, EVER. And it was you. Do you remember the first time you ever saw a hockey game? Do you remember the rush it gave you? That’s why you’re my team. That’s why you’re my ONLY team. I will not give up on you. I refuse to pick up another team, it’s you guys. Or nothing.

Jackets, please. Don’t let yourselves taken away from all of us. I’m so happy that if I want to see a hockey game… all I have to do is drive a few miles to Nationwide and I’m there. Don’t make your fans drive all the way to Chicago, or Boston, or (heaven forbid.. Nashville or Detroit) just so they can be in an arena and smell the ice. That crisp sound a stick makes when you slam it down. The silence of holding your breath when the puck is first dropped. 

Wouldn’t you miss it?

I can’t criticize about who’s on what line with who, who’s on the team and who’s supposed to be doing what. That’s your job and yet, no one seems to be doing it. No one expected you to bounce back from last year like a roster full of golden boys but this..? 6-2 to Calgary? At HOME? 

Someone needs to step up and say “Come on guys, what the fuck?” There is no one player that is the answer or the problem. It’s not Mason. It’s not Nash. It’s not Dorsett. You’re a hockey team for a reason. Teams work together. You can’t have 3 people playing hockey and everyone else just trying to make it through the night. Someone needs to start kicking ass in the locker room. Someone needs to put an end to the laziness, put an end to the moping and say “Yeah, we suck right now. Quit crying about it and DO something about it.” Throw a chair if you have to. Get pumped. Get excited. Get ready to win. Use your disappointment as a weapon. A reason to be stronger. A reason to be faster. Motivation isn’t always going to come in a basket with a big pink bow and a side order of double rainbows.

If you guys won’t do it I know some lovely lady and gent fans on twitter, myself included, who will give you the most kick-ass, inspirational, pumped up and ready to win speech ever. We are your twitter army, we will defend you until the end.

I know you want people to think of you differently. Give them a reason to.

No matter what, you’re always my hockey team.

Love and high hopes,


P.S.- The theme this year is “hardcore hockey”. I don’t know what kind of ‘hardcore’ you all had in mind but it feels like the kind that usually comes with a safety word. 

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