"Stand and Fight!"

The responsibility for where we are lies with me, our management staff, coaches and players. It does not lie with Brendan Shanahan or the NHL or the officials. It is not about luck. The responsibility for getting us out of it lies also with us… all of us doing it together.

We can’t change the first eight games, but we will stand and fight starting tonight. We will focus on being the best we can be today and then being better tomorrow.

- Scott Howson

You can read the rest of his blog post made today here. Scott Howson has made a call to arms. Jackets fans, and players especially, had better be listening. I know I am. 

I will never give up on my team. I will never stop defending them. 

Never stop fighting.

Even though we don’t have much to hold our heads up about right now I still have a lot of pride in my team. 

I’ll admit, Howson’s post rekindled a smothering flame in my heart.

I’m excited for tonight’s game. Come on Jackets; prove to the world, or at least your own fan base, that you’re so much better than this. 

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